Jul 23, 2018  
2014-2015 University Catalogue 
2014-2015 University Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


20 January 2017: MUSC*263/MUSC 264 Course title and description

Corrected course titles and descriptions entered for these two courses to reflect approved change to the course titles and descriptions.

15 August 2016: College of Performing Arts (CPA) College Core

The nine credit CPA College Core Curriculum was removed from all undergraduate CPA programs. Except for the BFA in Dance program, the required Core courses are replaced with six general elective credits and three elective credits outside the student’s major program of study. Required elective totals have been updated on each individual program page.

15 August 2016: Dance, BFA replacement for CPA Core

Pursuant to the removal of the CPA Core requirement, the BFA in Dance also removed the POD Lab requirements (1 credit), DACR*491, DACR*493, and DACR*494. The removed requirements were replaced with an additional credit for DACP courses, DACR*161, DACR*377, DACR*378, DACR*489, DACR*496, and DACR*497.

14 January 2016: THEA*499 Course Description

The course description was updated to remove grade and tuition information.

22 April 2015: Advertising Design, BFA

The launch of this new program has been delayed.  It has been removed from the catalogue.

1 December 2014: Creative Writing, BFA

Correction to program’s total number of credits.

12 September 2014: Art Therapy Concentration

The Art Therapy concentration was approved to be available to all matriculated students at the University; this concentration was previously only available to students in the College of Art, Media and Design.

15 August 2014: Interdisciplinary Fine Arts, BFA

The program objectives were updated to clarify expected student outcomes.

6 March 2015: Administration section update

President Sean T. Buffington changed to Interim President Kirk E. Pillow; Provost Kirk E. Pillow changed to Acting Provost Catherine Gunther Kodat; Added Vice President for Advancement Josephine Burri; Added Vice President for Enrollment, Retention & Student Affairs: Rick Longo; Dean of College of Performing Art changed from Kay Williams to Marc Campbell; Dean of Liberal Arts Catherine Gunther Kodat changed to Acting Dean of Liberal Arts Jay Baker; Assistant Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions changed to open position; Added Assistant Vice President for Development Liz Saccardi.

19 March 2015: Administration section update

The open position Associate Vice President of Facilities Management and Operations updated to Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management and Operations: Desiree DeLuca.