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2017-2018 University Catalogue 
2017-2018 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Programs in the College of Art, Media & Design

Graduate Programs     Post-Baccalaureate     Undergraduate Programs     Minors


Graduate Programs

M A S T E R   O F   A R T S

Museum Communication      Museum Education  

M A S T E R   O F   A R T S   I N   T E A C H I N G

Visual Arts  

M A S T E R   I N   D E S I G N   S T U D I E S

Design for Social Impact 1       Product Design   

M A S T E R   O F   F I N E   A R T S

Book Arts + Printmaking      Museum Exhibition Planning + Design      Studio Art  

Post-Baccalaureate Programs

U N D E R G R A D U A T E   C E R T I F I C A T E

Craft + Material Studies  

Undergraduate Programs

Core Requirements

University Common Curriculum      CAMD Core Studies      CAMD School Core      Liberal Arts Distribution        

School of Art

B A C H E L O R   O F   F I N E   A R T S

Craft + Material Studies     Fine Arts     Photography  

School of Design

B A C H E L O R   O F   F I N E   A R T S

Game Art      Graphic Design      Illustration  

B A C H E L O R   O F   S C I E N C E

Industrial Design 1 

School of Film

B A C H E L O R   O F   F I N E   A R T S

Animation      Film + Animation      Film + Video      Film Design + Production       Photo + Film Media  

University-wide Programs

Honors Program  


Advertising Practices      Animation      Art Therapy      Ceramics      Design, Art + Technology     Fibers + Textiles Studies     Figurative Illustration      Film + Video      Game Design      Glass      Jewelry      Painting/Drawing      Photography      Print Media      Studio Photography      Typography      Web + Mobile Design      Wood/Furniture      

Click here for a complete listing of all minors offered at the University.  

5   Y E A R   B F A   +   M A T

Earn any BFA with a minor in Art Education and through carefully planned coursework complete a MAT in Art Education in one additional year.

Art Education  

1Applications for admission not currently being accepted.