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2008-2009 University Catalogue 
2008-2009 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Grading Policies




Grading System

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  A      4.00          C      2.00
  A-   3.67   C-   1.67
  B+   3.33   D+   1.33
  B   3.00   D   1.00
  B-   2.67   F   0.00
  C+   2.33        
Grades not included in computing averages:
     I   Incomplete
  IP   In Progress (Graduate Thesis only)
  NC   No Credit
  W   Withdrawal
  OP   Optional Pass (Grade of “C” or better)
  OF   Optional Fail (Grade of less than “C”)
  AU   Audit
  P   Pass
  T   Transfer credit
  X   Non-course credit (by examination)
  Z   Preliminary Transfer Credit

Thesis Grading

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The grade of “IP” (“In Progress”) signifies that the student is making satisfactory progress toward completing the graduate thesis. This grade will apply only to graduate thesis courses where the student’s thesis is still in progress.

This grade is available only for the following courses:

AEDU 695        Graduate Project/Thesis
MSEM 781 & 782   Thesis Development
GRID 780   Master’s Thesis Documentation
GRFA 785   MFA Thesis Exhibition
MUPH 680   Graduate Project/Recital

An “IP” grade acknowledges the fact that the final course product (thesis) may require some period of time past the semester of registration to complete. The “IP” grade will remain on the student’s record until a final thesis grade is submitted by the instructor. In some cases, a student will be registered for thesis courses as a sequence (e.g. MSEM 781 or MSEM 782). When the final grade is submitted by the instructor, it will replace the “IP” grade. The “IP” grade is not computed in the grade point average.

In order to remain in good standing while the thesis is “in progress,” the student must register for the thesis continuation fee for each semester he or she is not enrolled in coursework.

Computing the Grade-Point Average (GPA)

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The GPA is computed by multiplying the number of credits earned for a course by the numerical value of the grade. The resulting figures from all courses for that semester are then totaled, and this figure is divided by the total number of credits attempted that semester. The grades of I, IP, NC, W, OP, OF, P, and AU are not entered in this computation. Please note that all grades of “F” remain in the G.P.A. calculation, even if the “F” was in a course that was repeated and received a higher grade.

Undergraduate Grade-Point Average (GPA) Requirements

Undergraduate students who maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative and semester grade-point average (GPA) are considered to be in good standing. In some programs students must also satisfy minimum grade requirements in major coursework. (Please refer to the department sections of this catalog for more specific information on minimum grade requirements for certain majors.)

Students who have taken Incompletes will not be evaluated by the Academic Review Committee until the seventh week of the following semester, when final grades are due. Please note that, as a result, financial aid for the semester in progress may be adversely affected.

Graduate Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirements

This information is located on in the Graduate Student Policies section 

Grade Change

A request for a change of grade is a form of an academic grievance. The full text of the Academic Grievance  policy can be found in the Academic Standards section of this Catalog . Please note that a student may request the assistance of any staff member of the University at any stage of the grievance process.

Students seeking a change of grade must submit a request for a change of grade to the instructor no later than the end of the seventh week of the semester following the one in which the grade was given. Requests for a change of grade for graduated students must be submitted no later than three days after the last grades required to fulfill the degree requirements are posted.

Students and instructors are reminded that an instructor may change a grade only if an error occurred in computing or recording the final grade, or if re-evaluation of previously submitted work is warranted. Extra work, beyond that required of other class members during the period when the class met, or work handed in after the completion of the course, may not be offered as reasons for a grade change.

Any change of a final grade may be made only by the course instructor, who must personally submit the signed Change of Grade form, including the signature of the academic dean, to the Office of the Registrar no later than the end of the semester following the one in which the grade was given.



Pass/Fail Option

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  1. In courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis, the standard letter grades of “A” to “C” are converted to “OP” by the Registrar. A grade of “C-” to “F” is recorded as “OF.”
  2. The Pass/Fail grading option must be selected prior to the end of the Drop/Add period; no change from Pass/Fail to a regular grade or a regular grade to Pass/Fail may be made after that deadline.
  3. Grades of “OP” or “OF” are not computed in the grade-point average.
  4. The Pass/Fail policy stipulates that the instructor is not to be informed as to who is enrolled on a Pass/Fail basis.
  5. Availability of this option is limited to a total of nine credits in Liberal Arts courses or studio electives during the student’s undergraduate career. Pass/Fail courses may not include First Year Writing, Introduction to Modernism, any Independent Study course, or any required discipline history course.


Grade of Incomplete (“I”)

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An incomplete grade may be granted only in extraordinary circumstances, either personal or academic, that prevent the student from completing coursework by the end of the semester. The grade “I” is given only when the completed portion of the student’s coursework is of a passing quality. To receive the grade of Incomplete, the student must obtain written approval on the Incomplete Form from the course instructor, and the Dean of the College or the Dean of Liberal Arts prior to the conclusion of the semester.

Incomplete grades not cleared by the end of the sixth week of the following semester will be automatically assigned the grade of “F.” Incomplete Forms are available from the Office of the Registrar.

Students should review policies regarding the impact of Incomplete grades on Academic Censure in the —Academic Standards  section.



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