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2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]


14 January 2016 | THEA*499 Course Description

The course description was updated to remove grade and tuition information.

24 April 2014: Directory Information

This section was updated to more clearly articulate the procedure for requesting the University withhold a student’s directory information.

4 March 2013 | Academic Calendar

The four-year academic calendar was replaced with a one-year version.

20 September 2012 | Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance

The Dance program requirements were updated.  LASM 921 Dynamic Anatomy is no longer required.  The elective requirements for this program were increased by 3 credits.

12 March 2012 | Graduate Degree Candidacy and Completion

This policy was published on both the Graduate Student Policies and Graduation Requirements pages. The two policies were reconciled for consistency, more clearly indicating the minimum grade in required courses. The Graduate Student Policies page now links to the policy, which is solely published on the Graduation Requirements page.

23 February 2012 | Graduate Per Credit Tuition Rate Update

The Student Financial Services page listed two per credit tuition rates for graduate programs.  The rate does not differ between programs.  The incorrect rate was removed.

1 February 2012 | Course Type Update

Jazz Masters: Topics Course (MUSC 325) was incorrectly published with a Liberal Arts course type.  The Liberal Arts course type was removed.

15 December 2011 | Minimum Grade Policy

The CAMD minimum grade policy was revised to offer clarity. Students are not required to meet the College’s minimum grade requirement in the first-year coursework in Animation, Film and Video, and Writing for Film and Television programs.

15 December 2011 | Minimum Grade Requirement, Writing for Film and Television

Writing for Film and Television was added to the list of programs within CAMD that must adhere to the College’s minimum grade requirement.  This does not reflect a change in policy, the program was inadvertently omitted from the listing.

10 November 2011 | Foundation Co-chair

One of the Foundation department co-chairs was changed.  Michael Grothusen was replaced by Larry Mitnick as one of the co-chairs of Foundation.

10 November 2011 | Industrial Design (BS) Chair

The Industrial Design (BS)  department chair was changed.  Anthony Guido was replaced by Michael McAllister as the chair of Industrial Design (BS).

7 November 2011 | Bad Check Penalty

The $25 fine charged for all checks issued to the University and not paid upon presentation to the bank was raised to $50.

21 October 2011 | Fine Arts Chair

The Fine Arts department chair was changed.  David Kettner was replaced by Lori Spencer as the chair of Fine Arts.

21 October 2011 | Painting/Drawing Coordinator

The Painting/Drawing program coordinator was changed.  Stuart Elster was replaced by Joe Girandola as the program coordinator for Painting/Drawing.

21 October 2011 | Sculpture Coordinator

The Sculpture program coordinator was changed.  Barry Parker was replaced by Michael Grothusen as the program coordinator for Sculpture.

20 October 2011 | New Website

The Office of the Registrar launched a new website, registrar.uarts.edu.  All references in the catalogue have been updated from referencing the previous resource, the Registrar’s wiki page, to the new resource.

20 September 2011 | MUCP 362

Orchestration II (MUCP 362) was updated.  In 2006 all prerequisites were eliminated from the course.  The prerequisite field was found to be displaying “Invalid block level for block “15573.”  This incorrect message was removed.

19 September 2011 | MEPD Director

The Museum Exhibition Planning and Design director was changed.  Polly McKenna-Cress replaced Helen Shannon as the director of MEPD.

19 September 2011 | MCOM Director

The Museum Communication director was changed.  Robert Vosburgh was replaced by Joseph Gonzales as the director of MCOM.

16 September 2011 | Dance Curriculum

The entire dance curriculum, including many courses was fully reviewed and adjusted.  For specific details contact the Office of the Registrar.