Jul 12, 2020  
2019-2020 University Catalogue 
2019-2020 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

DVPP 621 Seminar: Contemporary Art and Culture

1.5 credits 22.5 hours
600 level graduate course

This course introduces students to the contemporary art world in order that they can find their own place in it. The course looks at contemporary art through many different lenses and looks beyond the performance world, challenging students to make connections between sculpture, for instance, and performance. The questions raised in different creative disciplines and the way of approaching work in these artistic forms will engage students and faculty in a rich conversation about the specific role that live performance plays and even more pointedly, what contribution ensemble-devised theater can play in the international conversation about art and society. Many of the individuals and groups to be covered have influenced the work of Pig Iron Theater Company’s work both directly and indirectly. Ideas, questions, inspirations that arise in the seminar will be brought to bear in the ensemble studio courses.

Open only to Devised Performance majors.
This course is not repeatable for credit.
Pass/fail grading only.