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2008-2009 University Catalogue 
2008-2009 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

CRFT 402 - Projects III

Student selects a topic and produces a body of work for the crafts Senior thesis exhibition. Part of this course is Senior Seminar, a forum for the discussion of ideas and issues through student participation, guest lecturers, and professional offerings. The modern craft aesthetic is examined in terms of late nineteenth- and twentieth-century ideas and issues. Emphasis on the interdependency of all the arts with an eye to the unique contribution of crafts ideology and practice. Topical discussions encourage students to find contemporary relevancy and validity in an analysis of historical precedents. Other topics include: making an artist’s presentation, resume preparation, writing an artist’s statement, recordkeeping and taxes, grant writing, and career opportunities. Particular attention is paid to the style and survival techniques of contemporaries working in craft media. Formerly CR 400B

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisite: CRFT 302

Open to Crafts majors only. Enrollment in a Crafts media-specific course required.

Credits: 3 cr, 6 hrs