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2008-2009 University Catalogue 
2008-2009 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

MUCP 441 - Form and Analysis

This course serves as a continuation of the theory work that Freshman Instrumental, Vocal, and Composition majors have done in the first year. It is designed to enhance basic classical theory skills; to prepare them for graduate-level theory work; and to prepare them to meet the requirements on the theory portions of the teacher certification examination. The emphasis is upon small and large harmonic forms, and forms built upon ostinati principles. The literature used for study is drawn from all musical periods. Harmony, rhythm, melody and timbre are discussed as they relate to specific compositions. Formerly MU 408

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisite: MUSC 102

Priority enrollment to majors in the School of Music.

Credits: 3 cr, 3 hrs