Jun 25, 2021  
2008-2009 University Catalogue 
2008-2009 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

MUED 600 - Historical Foundations of Music Education

An intensive reading course in the history of educational thought and practices in music education in the United States from the Colonial Period to modern times. Students develop a basic understanding of the historical roots of Music Education in America and various movements, philosophies, and events that have had an impact on it. These movements and philosophies are analyzed in terms of their impact and effectiveness and why some have succeeded where others failed. An analysis of ideas and events reveal historical cycles, socio-political ramifications, and periodic reintroduction/revision of previous ideas and approaches. Current trends in American music education are analyzed though the use of historical perspective. Students also develop basic historical research and reporting skills.

Prerequisites & Notes
Open to Masters in Teaching in Music Education only.

Credits: 3 cr, 3 hrs