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2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue []

FNDP 152 - Two Dimensional Design

3 credits
This course builds on the projects and skills established in FNDP 151. The majority of FNDP 152 is devoted to the study of color. With color comes additional visual enrichment, light and luminosity, a specialized language and the necessity to mature manual and digital skills, and control new media and concepts. The major works of the semester are based in the use of digital media as well as acrylic paints that require skills of mixing and application. Color theories are discussed, projects requiring tinting, shading, and toning clarify these basic concepts and master works are studied. Ideas developed in the class are shared with the other Foundation courses and skills from 3D and Drawing are imported to support current 2D projects. As the semester progresses, representational and non-representational images are developed as students work to integrate past experience, refine their skills of observation and explore more complex principles of organization. Instructor permission required.

Prerequisites FNDP*151

Open to Foundation majors only.