Dec 15, 2018  
2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue []

LAAH 861 - Arts of China

3 credits
This course covers ceramics, sculpture, painting, and other arts of China from the Neolithic through the last Chinese dynasty, that is from roughly 10,000 BCE to 1911. (If time permits some comments may be made about 20th century Chinese art.) A brief introduction to the historical and social background of each period will be presented as the outstanding arts and art styles of each period are examined. Particular attention will be paid to what, if any, uniquely Chinese characteristics are evident in the arts of China. Art recovered from major archaeological discoveries in China including the ‘terra cotta’ warriors found near the tomb of China’s first emperor will be introduced and reviewed. Important masterworks of Chinese art in all media will also be analyzed and discussed. The influence of religion on Chinese art, particularly Buddhism, will be addressed, and we will also look at Chinese painting in some detail, especially at how figure painting came to be eclipsed by landscape painting. One quiz, mid-term and final examinations, and one short paper.

Prerequisites LACR*102 or LACR*103