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2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

LAPI 926 - Les Amis de Paris: 1904-1913

3 credits
This course examines the friendship and work of a select group of artists living in Paris between 1904 and 1913. Studying the biographical and interpersonal layers of their relationships and artwork provides new insight into the legacy of these masters. The literature of Gertrude Stein, Apollinaire, and others, the visual art of Picasso, Matisse and the Cubists, as well as other materials and mediums contribute to understanding how this particular circle of friends cultivated the artistic and intellectual leaps that created Modernism. Interdisciplinary methods for creating cultural models are explored.

Prerequisites LACR*210

Student must have completed the 1st semester of their Sophomore year (45 credits).