May 22, 2019  
2017-2018 University Catalogue 
2017-2018 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

School of Design

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   Bachelor of Fine Arts
   Game Art  
   Graphic Design    

   Bachelor of Science
   Industrial Design 







Mark Tocchet \ \ 215 717.6575
Director, School of Design

Monica Morris \ \ 215.717.6565
Administrative Assistant to the Director

School of Design
Terra Building 1101 \ 215.717.6565 \ School of Design webpage

Introduction to the School

The School of Design encompasses the Game Art , Graphic Design , Illustration  and Industrial Design  programs. Combining technical skills and the exploration of new technologies with a sense of craft and working by hand, the programs compel students to explore, invent and engage the world around them. Drawing from a foundation in the history of design and contemporary professional practices, students have ample opportunities to work collaboratively and on their own. In the School of Design, students venture into new ideas and solutions, ranging from mobile web applications to the perfect piece of furniture, from novel approaches to information design to better manufacturing systems.

See, listen, reflect. Observe, think, feel. Engage, imagine, build. This is the School of Design.

Program Objectives

  • Build components of a shared culture within the School of Design among students and faculty
  • Introduce students to issues, methods, and professional aspects of contemporary design practices, as well as the history and theory of design
  • Promote essential literacy in all aspects of design principles, processes, methods, and tools, while imparting to students a common critical vocabulary for design thinking, making, and discourse
  • Promote interaction between students of all design majors and encourage cross-disciplinary activity within the School