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2016-2017 University Catalogue 
2016-2017 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Songwriting Minor

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David Thomas \ \ 215.717.6342
Minor Advisor


The Songwriting Minor, a series of courses taught by successful songwriters who are members of our faculty, is designed to develop the skills and information that lay the groundwork to become an expressive and skilled songwriter. The minor groups together students with a strong desire to develop their songwriting skills through coursework that nurtures the student’s creativity while developing their analytical skills, technology and recording experience, and providing an understanding of the business aspects necessary for the successful songwriter. Self-expression and communication through music, and having others listen and provide feedback is the heart of the minor content. Students from different backgrounds and experiences across campus work individually and collaboratively mirroring the professional world. Although there is flexibility in when a student can begin coursework in the minor, the ideal time is the first semester of the second year.

Academic Policy

All minor programs are governed by the Minors/Concentrations policy published on the enrollment & registration  page in the policies  area of the catalogue.

Admission to the Minor

CAMD Open to all students.
CPA Open to all students.
DLA Open to all students.

Students should submit an audio sample of their songwriting; if they prefer, can perform live for the instructor.
Students should have some familiarity and experience in writing lyrics and/or melodies, in setting melody with chords, or with singing lyrics over pre-recorded tracks (top-lining). If they can’t play to perform a musical accompaniment to demonstrate their songs (for example, piano or guitar), they can use pre-recorded loops as found in programs like Apple Loops, GarageBand, etc.) Students should be able to demonstrate familiarity and a basic skill level in at least one of the above referenced areas.

Program Objectives

Students who complete this minor will:

  • Compose songs in a variety of styles
  • Understand how songs work in various genres
  • Understand how songs work in historical and sociological contexts
  • Utilize current tools and technologies to produce professional-quality demos
  • Have the business expertise to support a songwriting career
  • Possess the skills necessary to succeed as a professional songwriter

Program Requirements (15 credits)