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2017-2018 University Catalogue 
2017-2018 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Print Media Minor

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Mary Phelan \ \ 215.717.6490
Minor Advisor


The Print Media Minor offers students an opportunity to experience and practice methods through which their work may be developed and reproduced using printmaking and book arts processes. The extensive printmaking facilities make it possible to develop skills in several media related to multiples.

Program Objectives

• Students demonstrate independent, creative problem solving and original thinking through the development of a distinct and personal approach to art making informed by contemporary issues and historical precedents.

• Students demonstrate critical and conceptual development through research and analysis, applying readings, theories and methodologies toward the production of critically informed artworks.

• Students acquire and demonstrate the professional skills needed to be successful as practicing artists, entrepreneurs, and productive citizens, including further study at the graduate level.

• Students effectively communicate, orally and in writing, the thoughts behind their choices and decisions concerning content and strategies.

• Students demonstrate proficiency in a number of advanced techniques in their individual studio practice, including a deep familiarity with materials and processes.

• Students demonstrate an awareness that craft/content/format are of equal importance.

Academic Policy

Minor programs are governed by the minor policy published on the the enrollment & registration  page in the policies  area of the catalogue.

Admission to the Minor

CAMD Open to all students, excluding those pursuing a BFA in Fine Arts with a Printmaking concentration or a BFA in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts with a Printmaking concentration.
CPA Open to all students.
DLA Open to all students.

Program Requirements (15 credits)

Required Courses

Complete 15 credits from BOOK or PRNT courses.