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  Jan 19, 2018
2017-2018 University Catalogue

Music Education Minor (5 Year BM+MAT)

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Keith Hodgson \ \ 215.717.6342
Minor Advisor


Professional musicians teach in various settings such as private lessons, classroom lectures, presentations at conferences, directing performing ensembles, and as artists in residence. The music education minor is open to all music majors desiring preparation for these roles.

The music education minor complements the degree studies of all music majors. Two courses even count within the liberal arts core of the student’s bachelor degree. Coursework includes instruction in each of the instrument families, pedagogy of private instruction and improvisation, conducting, rehearsing jazz ensembles, the psychology of teaching and learning music, and the needs of special learners. Field experiences include working with ensembles in public and private schools.

Music education minors will be able to complete the Master of Arts in Teaching degree (MAT) and receive teacher certification in one additional academic year. This “4 +1” option allows students to earn a music education minor, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and teacher certification in only five years.

Coursework is based on current Pennsylvania Department of Education teacher certification requirements. This program may be revised as needed to accommodate new state requirements.

Academic Policy

Minor programs are governed by the minor policy published on the the enrollment & registration  page in the policies  area of the catalogue.

Admission to the Minor

CPA Open only to students pursuing a Bachelor of Music (BM) degree.

Program Requirements (23 credits)