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2017-2018 University Catalogue 
2017-2018 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Art Education Minor (5 Year BFA+MAT)

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Rande Blank \  \ 215.717.6050
Program Director


This program is designed to enable a student, through carefully planned coursework, to earn any BFA in CAMD with a minor in Art Education in four years and a Master of Arts in Teaching Visual Arts in one additional year.  The MAT is a professional degree program that incorporates preparation for the Pennsylvania Instructional I Certificate, including a 14 week student teaching practicum.  The program offered by the department of Art & Design Education is designed to permit a student majoring in an art or design field to use his or her undergraduate years as a key step toward certification (licensure) as a PK-12 Art or Design teacher.  The University awards the degree and the Pennsylvania Department of Education awards the teaching certificate on successful completion of praxis exams.

Program Objectives

  • seek to find the artist in every student and draw it forth with respect;
  • provide safe, supportive, and inclusive environments for diverse communities of learners;
  • use assessment & reflective practices in teaching and learning;
  • demonstrate life-span commitments to artistic, intellectual, and personal growth;
  • encourage tolerance for difference in an increasingly global community;
  • use technology as a vehicle for advancing creativity, innovation, and learning;
  • seek collaborations and connections among and across disciplines and population;
  • practice stewardship of the environment;
  • engage in service to others through the arts.

Academic Policy

Minor programs are governed by the minor policy published on the the enrollment & registration  page in the policies  area of the catalogue.

Admission to the Minor

CAMD Open only to students pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree.

Program Requirements (47 credits)