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2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Creative Writing Minor

Requirements of the Minor

The Creative Writing Minor, offered through the Liberal Arts Division, invites dedicated students to develop their writing skills across the several genres, including poetry, fiction, playwriting and/or screen writing. Students may apply to enter the minor after successfully completing a workshop in any one of the genres. Admission to the Creative Writing minor is selective, based on work completed in the first workshop course. To fulfill the minor, students must take all three introductory workshops and any two of the advanced workshops. To continue in the minor, students must achieve a grade of B or higher in each Creative Writing course.

Students may withdraw from the minor – or be asked to withdraw – at any time without penalty. Completed courses will then be counted as liberal arts electives, free electives, or, in some cases, major requirements or electives.

In order to complete the work for the minor, students may use any combination of liberal arts elective credits and free elective credits.

Introductory Workshops

Select all three of the following courses:

Advanced Workshops

Select two from the following list of courses: