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2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Film & Video - Bachelor of Fine Arts

Jeff Ryder
Interim Coordinator, Film

Program Total Credits: 123

The curriculum for Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Film & Video is built around a progressive sequence of classes designed to teach professional skills and critical viewing habits and to expand the students’ sense of the possibilities of the media. An introduction of fundamental ideas and techniques comprises the first two years. Within the two remaining years, the student is expected to refine techniques, to develop a sense of personal vision, to pursue activities directly related to professional practice, and to understand the larger cultural and aesthetic context in which their ideas and activities exist. Classes involve a synthesis of hands-on instruction, lecture, screening and critique.

Program Goals:

Graduates of the Film & Video program will:

  • Master the lighting, shooting, staging and directing of filmed subject matter and the use of the full range of film and video equipment;
  • Master digital-video editing and the Final Cut Pro system;
  • Learn to record, edit, design, and mix sound tracks, and master software like Pro Tools and Final Cut for sound editing, manipulation, and mixing;
  • Learn and create new ways to see, record, and present moving imagery;
  • Learn to practice the arts of documentary, experimental, and narrative film, and master at least one of them;
  • Learn to work with actors; and
  • Develop collaborative skills and be comfortable working with others and expressing their ideas to fellow artists, crew personnel, and collaborators.

This major provides students with a background in all phases of film and video production, including film cinematography, videography, film and video editing, and sound/image manipulation. Film and Video students acquire a strong background in criticism, theory, and history of media. All Film and Video majors pursue at least one internship as of the degree requirements.


Freshman Year Credits: 30

Sophomore Year Credits: 30

Junior Year Credits: 30

Senior Year Credits: 30

Spring Credits: 15