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2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Illustration - Bachelor of Fine Arts

Mark Tocchet

Program Total Credits: 123

The Illustration curriculum is a blend of drawing, painting, figure modeling, picture making, illustration, visual problem solving, digital experiences, self-discovery through mentor-student relationship, history of pictorial image making, and graphic and Web design courses. Some courses are geared to developing basic, generic skills and others more focused toward professional application. Pedagogical emphasis is on discovering and developing the artist within the illustrator and his/her unique point of view. When artists find their unique expression, they can take advantage of all the outlets of their work.  Courses will prepare the individual student for life in the arts and the flexibility to enter diverse areas in the applied graphic arts.

Program Goals:

Graduates of the Illustration Program will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of figure study and picture making, along with traditional and digital technical skill development, leading to successful image making as it relates to the multi-faceted and ever-changing illustration industry;
  • Demonstrate self-discovery through visual communication leading to point of view:

Acquire critical drawing and thinking skills;

Conceptual visual problem solving (developing intellectual curiosity, in connection with LA studies) leading to successful visual communication;

Discovering/developing point of view (critical thinking, critical visual thinking, and effectively combining content and technique in a unique expression).

  • Demonstrate an understanding the unique aesthetic of the illustrator as designer and the development of knowledge and skills leading to successful design outcomes;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the role of illustration in entertainment design and the development of skills in the area;
  • Acquire and demonstrate knowledge of the history of illustration;
  • Demonstrate habits of mind (studio process, research, personal discipline, time management, professional culture of the program) as well as the ability to articulate concepts and present ideas;
  • Acquire and demonstrate knowledge and skills of professional development (presentation, marketing, promotion, business, Web design, entrepreneurship).

Freshmen Year Foundation Credits: 33

All Freshman students (and transfer students who lack sufficient background in the visual arts and design) enter the 18-credit Foundation core program that includes courses in drawing, two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, and time-motion studies. The Foundation program introduces the basic language and processes of the visual arts and prepares the students for entry into a major department. Through Freshman elective course offerings, students are introduced to major course options and opportunities offered by the College of Art, Media, and Design.

Sophomore Year Credits: 30

Junior Year Credits: 30

Senior Year Credits: 30

Fall Credits: 15

Spring Credits: 15

Discipline History


Electives must include at least 9 studio credits outside the Illustration offerings.