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2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Multimedia - Bachelor of Fine Arts

De Angela Duff
Interim Director

We would like our students to challenge and rethink existing interfaces and interactions in order to create new experiences and applications. By questioning and responding to the world today, our students will envision and shape the world tomorrow.

Program goals:

  • To integrate multiple mediums of image, text, sound, physical objects, space and interactivity;
  • To combine research and studio practice through inquiry and iteration;
  • To adapt to constantly changing technological paradigms by learning how to learn; skills acquisition;
  • To collaborate across disciplines;
  • To adopt and use professional practices;
  • To possess cultural literacy.

Program Total Credits: 123

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Multimedia offers two distinct concentrations: one in Interactive Design and the other in Motion Design Students complete core courses in both areas and go on to do advanced work in at least one of the two areas.

Multimedia students receive a broad education, with courses covering subjects ranging from Dada to interface design, pop art to punk rock. Multimedia majors are encouraged to question, to experiment, and to push their talents to the limit – and beyond – using a variety of media. Their classrooms are both battleground for new ideas and applications and creative playgrounds. In this forward thinking-landscape, Multimedia students learn through play, hands-on experimentation, and practical application.

Using today’s technology, our students create websites, e-music, movies digital video, motion graphics, games, installation – and whatever their imaginations envision. Students work in an interactive and collaborative studio environment with guidance from expert faculty and professional tech staff. As they refine their craft and learn how to become professionals in their field, students gain critical insights into the work they are doing and how it affects the world in which we live.

Freshman Year Credits: 31.5

Sophomore Year Credits: 30.5

Fall Credits: 15

Spring Credits: 15.5

Junior Year Credits: 31

Fall Credits: 15

  • Concentration Core (see list below) 3 credits
  • Electives 6 credits
  • Liberal Arts (see list below) 3 credits
  • Multimedia Seminar (see list below) 3 credits

Spring Credits: 16

  • Core/Discipline History (see list below) 3 credits
  • Electives 6 credits
  • 1 credit
  • Liberal Arts Period Interpretation (LAPI) 3 credits
  • Studio Choice (see list below) 3 credits

Senior Year Credits: 30

Fall Credits: 15

Spring Credits: 15

Interactive Design Concentration Liberal Arts Electives

 Must take three of the following five:

Motion Design Concentration Liberal Arts Electives

 Must take three of the following five:

Popular electives for Multimedia students include:

Popular minors for Multimedia students include:

  • E-Music
  • Game Design
  • Narrative Video
  • Photography
  • Strategic Advertising 
  • Typography
  • Web Design and Development