Sep 25, 2020  
2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Painting/Drawing - Bachelor of Fine Arts

Lori Spencer
Fine Arts Chairperson

Joe Girandola
Painting/Drawing Coordinator

Program Total Credits: 123

Students in  the Painting/Drawing Program are consistently exposed to a wide range of both art historical precedents and contemporary art paradigms in order to realize that content/meaning is always specific to the form that is used to express it, to understand that choices of technical and stylistic approaches must be appropriate to desired ends, and to appreciate that the personal, the cultural and the historical are interlaced.

The curriculum is based on a framework of research, studio experimentation, artistic invention, and daily practice. In collaboration with Liberal Arts, we underpin the critical advantage of knowing exemplary works in the varied fields of literature, the physical and social sciences, history, religion, and philosophy. Our emphasis on the liberally educated artist assures that our graduates will be knowledgeable beyond contemporary studio skills, be enabled and motivated to add something of value, not only to painting’s historical legacy, but to the broader contemporary context of serious human enterprise.

Our capstone senior thesis project/solo exhibition prepares each individual for successful entry into graduate-level programs, and to be competitive in gaining other forms of support, such as those available in grants, residencies, and commercial gallery exhibitions.

Program Goals:

  • Students will demonstrate a practical grasp of form-making and pictoriality.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to define and perform appropriate working strategies and tactics.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of historical contemporary paradigms in both Fine Arts and Liberal Arts models.
  • Students will demonstrate conceptual development and independent thinking.

Freshmen Year Foundation Credits: 33

All Freshman students (and transfer students who lack sufficient background in the visual arts and design) enter the 18-credit Foundation core program that includes courses in drawing, two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, and time-motion studies. The Foundation program introduces the basic language and processes of the visual arts and prepares the students for entry into a major department. Through Freshman elective course offerings, students are introduced to major course options and opportunities offered by the College of Art, Media, and Design.

Sophomore Year Credits: 30

Fall Credits: 15

Painting/Drawing Majors must take one sculpture (FASC) course and one printmaking (FAPR) course. These will be counted as electives outside of the Painting/Drawing offerings.

Spring Credits: 15

Painting/Drawing Majors must take one sculpture (FASC) course and one printmaking (FAPR) course. These will be counted as electives outside of the Painting/Drawing offerings.

Junior Year Credits: 30

Fall Credits: 15

Spring Credits: 15

Senior Year Credits: 30

Spring Credits: 16.5

Discipline History

 LAAH XXX - Liberal Arts Art History Elective 3 credits


Electives must include at least 9 studio credits outside the Painting/Drawing offerings.