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2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Photography - Bachelor of Fine Arts

Karl Staven

Program Total Credits: 123

Students in the Photography program demonstrate the ability to use the department’s full range of media tools and resources to create their own artistic vision. The curriculum is designed to educate students who demonstrate the ability to be creative and inventive while exhibiting a solid technical competency. Students demonstrate confidence and an artistic voice of their own through exhibiting mastery of technique and the understanding and application of aesthetic analysis. This is achieved through a curriculum that values both the mastery of technique and the understanding and application of aesthetic analysis through critiques and dialog in classroom situations. Students acquire the skills to not only verbally discuss aesthetic issues, but to also form their thoughts and observations into written forms of various kinds. Additionally, students demonstrate critical thinking skills and the ability to understand and adapt to constantly changing aesthetically and technical environments.

Program Goals:

  • Students demonstrate fundamental competencies in the use of film and digital, small, medium and large format cameras, hot lights, strobes, scanners, printers, computers and software programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Students demonstrate independent and original thinking and an understanding of wide aesthetic palette both inside and outside of the discipline spanning historic, contemporary, commercial and fine art work.
  • Students will have a knowledge of the commercial world, whether it be the gallery market, commercial or editorial work. The student will demonstrate familiarity with marketing, professional and legal practices and the challenge of making a small business succeed.


Freshmen Year Foundation Credits: 33

All Freshman students (and transfer students who lack sufficient background in the visual arts and design) enter the 18-credit Foundation core program that includes courses in drawing, two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, and time-motion studies. The Foundation program introduces the basic language and processes of the visual arts and prepares the students for entry into a major department. Through Freshman elective course offerings, students are introduced to major course options and opportunities offered by the College of Art, Media, and Design.

Sophomore Year Credits: 30

Junior Year Credits: 30

Senior Year Credits: 30

Spring Credits: 15


Electives must include 9 studio credits taken outside the Photography offerings.