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2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Printmaking/Book Arts - Bachelor of Fine Arts

Lori Spencer
Fine Arts Chairperson  & Printmaking/Book Arts Coordinator

Program Total Credits: 123

The BFA in Printmaking/Book Arts bases its instructional program on the development and realization of visual ideas through traditional and non-traditional printmaking processes. The primary objectives are to offer students a structure within which they can develop as artists and craftsmen, and to provide opportunities to acquire the necessary skills to produce personal imagery at a professional level in printmaking media. Required instruction in traditional techniques gives the student a strong foundation. Course work is kept current by embracing new and alternative media including experience with their research into contemporary art practices. The development of a personal visual language within printmaking is reinforced through study in elective courses. Competency in critical thinking and articulation, both written and verbal is addressed in studio critiques and seminar classes. An exportation of Printmaking/Book Arts as a profession is achieved through participation in internships, exhibitions, competitions and exposure to the local, national and international field through community events, visiting artists’ lectures, workshops, field trips and study abroad opportunities.

Program Goals:

  • Establish with each student an individual art-making practice based on the use of the printmaking process as a means of, or an element in, the realization of their conceptual ideas.
  • Foster the understanding that craft and content are equally important.
  • Promote critical thinking, writing and discussion about art-making within the framework of art history, contemporary art, and contemporary culture.
  • Develop students who are ambitious ad excited about continuing a studio practice after graduation.


Freshmen Year Foundation Credits: 33

All Freshman students (and transfer students who lack sufficient background in the visual arts and design) enter the 18-credit Foundation core program that includes courses in drawing, two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, and time-motion studies. The Foundation program introduces the basic language and processes of the visual arts and prepares the students for entry into a major department. Through Freshman elective course offerings, students are introduced to major course options and opportunities offered by the College of Art, Media, and Design.

Sophomore Year Credits: 30

Fall Credits: 15

Printmaking majors must take one sculpture course and one painting course, during the Sophomore year.

Spring Credits: 15

Printmaking majors must take one sculpture course and one painting course, during the Sophomore year.

Junior Year Credits: 33

Spring Credits: 16.5

Senior Year Credits: 27

Fall Credits: 13.5

Spring Credits: 13.5

Discipline History

  LAAH XXX - Liberal Arts Art History Elective 3 credits


Electives must include at least 9 studio credits outside the Printmaking/Book Arts offerings.