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2016-2017 University Catalog 
2016-2017 University Catalog [Archived Catalogue]

School of Art

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   Bachelor of Fine Arts
   Craft + Material Studies  
   Fine Arts  







Lori Spencer \ \ 215.717.6559
Director, School of Art

Jacquelyn Sullivan \ \ 215.717.6564
Administrative Assistant to the Director & Administrative Assistant, Photography

Lisa Scarpello \ \ 215.717.6564
Administrative Assistant, Fine Arts

Jessica Watkins \ \ 215.717.6100
Administrative Assistant, Craft & Material Studies

School of Art
Terra Building 1101 \ 215.717.6564 \ School of Art webpage

Introduction to the School

The School of Art offers degrees in Craft + Material Studies , Fine Arts  , and Photography . An impressive range of disciplinary concentrations, within a flexible curricular structure, allows students to choose from a set of significant pathway options, ranging from interdisciplinary study to disciplinary specialization. Shared elements within the curriculum, including the School of Art Core and Junior Year Commons, stress the fundamental relationships and overlapping interests across the disciplines. Students studying in the School of Art will be professionally prepared for a contemporary creative practice that emphasizes critical thinking supported by technical competencies. To that end, the School provides a progression through the curricula that encourages collaborative learning, individual development, and the acquisition of knowledge and skills.

Program Objectives

  • Promote an expanded dialog and cross-disciplinary activity between students and faculty within the School of Art Programs
  • Generally introduce students to contemporary issues, methods, and professional aspects pertaining to the disciplines within the School of Art
  • Acquaint students with the majors and curricular pathways available within the School of Art, as well as shared cross-school curriculum.
  • Reinforce strong verbal and written communication skills in the articulation of student ideas and intentions
  • Promote independent, creative problem solving and original thinking through unique approaches to art making.