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2012-2013 University Catalogue 
2012-2013 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

Writing for Film and Television, Bachelor of Fine Arts

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Diane Walsh \ dwalsh@uarts.edu \ 215.717.6562
Program Director


The Writing for Film and Television program is committed to educating students in the craft technique of screen and television script writing. It emphasizes an applied approach to the writing courses along with an appreciation of the history and criticism of both media. Upon completing the program, students are prepared to engage in scriptwriting professionally or to pursue advanced study in creative writing.


Writing for Film and Television is an undergraduate program that teaches future screenwriters, filmmakers, story-development executives, and producers the art of writing narrative scripts for the screen. Students write feature-length screenplays and hour-long teleplays, gain a sophisticated knowledge of story development, and create, write, and produce episodic drama series for the Web. The core of the experience is writing and revising in a workshop environment with close guidance and support from industry-experienced faculty.

Learning Objectives

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing for Film and Television will:

  • recognize and apply the elements of dramatic structure in original written work;
  • practice creative problem solving skills, experimentation and inventiveness;
  • gain expertise in critical analysis;
  • demonstrate rhetorical tactics;
  • demonstrate professional practices in scriptwriting;
  • be able to generate or find story ideas to develop for screen, television or Web series;
  • learn to work with video or film production crews and to participate in the filming of student scripts;
  • distinguish historical and cultural influences on film, television or Web on students’ original written work.

Program Requirements (120 credits)

CAMD College Core (12 credits)


  • Select 1 course from subjects: IMAG or TIME


  • Select 1 course from subjects: OBJT or ENVI

CAMD School Core (6 credits)

All CAMD students are required to complete 6 credits of School Core coursework during their first three semesters.  Students are free to select courses from any school or cross-college program.  Refer to the CAMD School Core  page for additional information.

Required Sequence (6 credits)

Complete 1 of the following sequences:

Liberal Arts Distribution (33 credits)

Humanities Seminar (3 credits)

  • Select 1 course from subject HUMS

Period Interpretation (6 credits)

  • Select 1 course from subject LAPI, level 800
  • Select 1 course from subject LAPI, level 900

Scientific Inquiry Foundation Track (3 credits)

  • Select 1 course from subject LACR, level 200 excluding LACR 210 

Liberal Arts Electives (15 credits)

  • Select courses from subjects: HUMS, LAAH, LALL, LAPR, LASM, or LASS
  • Select courses from  : Art History or LA Elective.

Electives (21 credits)

  • Complete 21 credits of free electives. This requirement is satisfied by any undergraduate course that isn’t required by the program.