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2011-2012 University Catalogue 
2011-2012 University Catalogue []

CRGL 224 - Glass in the Narrative Mode

3 credits
This class will introduce students to the wide range of glass applications outside the hot shop. ‘Warm’ glass techniques, such as fusing and slumping, will allow students to develop their own personal iconography in refined methods of combining glass and imagery through the manipulation of flat and frit glasses, working with bench torches to produce figurative or abstract glass elements, using cold-assembly techniques including UV cements and epoxies; sand-blasting and etching design approaches; kiln-casting of both free-standing glass work and elements to be combined into larger, more complex installations, engraving and enameling techniques, taking advantage of the transparent ‘canvas’ provided by glass; and investigating new technical and creative options for experimental, potentially transgressive stained glasswork.

Priority enrollment to Crafts & Multidisciplinary majors.