Oct 23, 2018  
2018-2019 University Catalogue 
2018-2019 University Catalogue

Tuition & Fees


Application Fee

All applicants for matriculated programs $60

Courses Fees

The following courses carry an additional fee.

DANC 235  Costume Design & Construction for Dance    $40
MBET 112  Audio Electronics I   $40
MUNM 101  Applied Instruction Non-Majors   $220
MUNM 102  Applied Instruction Non-Majors   $220
MUNM 601  Applied Instruction Non-Majors   $220
MUNM 602  Applied Instruction Non-Majors   $220
TDTC 204  Scenic Painting    $100

Credit Overload Fee

Full time students registering for more than 18.0 credits during a given term will be charged for each credit according to the per credit hour tuition rates below.

Dance Major Fee

Dance students are assessed an annual fee to ensure continuity of care, provide appropriate treatment plans, and access to a physical therapist on an as needed basis.

Students enrolled in dance programs, per semester $50

Degree Conferral Fee

Assessed per degree $100

Health Insurance Fee

Fall semester start, per year $2,171           
Spring semester start, per year TBD

Late Payment Fee

A late payment fee of $150 will be assessed on any past due balance of $1,000 or greater.  A late payment fee of $60 will be assessed on any past due balance less than $1,000.

Late Registration Fee

A late registration fee of $35 will be charged to any student registering after the registration dates listed in the academic calendar.

Matriculation Fee

MEd Educational Program Design $150
MEd Educational Technology $150

Meal Plan Prices

Platinum Plan* 19 meals/wk & $125 dining dollars to be used in a semester $5,782
Gold Plan* 10 meals/wk, 4 guest meals, and $25 dining dollars to be used in a semester $5,012
Silver Plan 10 meals/wk $3,856
Bronze Plan 5 meals/wk $2,184

*All students who reside in University housing are automatically enrolled in the platinum plan. Returning students who reside in University housing have the option of selecting the gold plan in lieu of the platinum plan, through the end of the registration period. Off-campus and commuter students may select from any meal plan but are not required to purchase a meal plan.

Photography Major Fee

Photography students are assessed an annual fee to cover the costs of equipment.

Students enrolled in Photography program, per semester $50

Readmission Fee

Readmission Fee $50

Replacement Diploma Fee

Replacement Diploma $50

Returned Check Fee

A $50 fine is charged for all checks issued to the University and not paid upon presentation to the bank. A hold will be placed on all official student documents until the original charge and the fine are paid in full. In addition no personal checks will be accepted for payment on the student’s account for one year. At the end of one year the student may appeal to the Office of Student Financial Services to review his/her payment history. All balances will be referred to a collection agency if repayment is not made. The student or their paying agents will be responsible for all collection costs and attorney fees.

Student Services Fee

The student services fee is used to support services and programs that directly benefit students. These services and programs include, but are not limited to, co-curricular activities such as UArts Day as well as a range of social, recreational, wellness and cultural activities and other services related to campus life.

Assessed per semester, for fall and spring $75

Studio/Laboratory Fee

Certain studio or laboratory courses may require a fee for additional course materials. Additional studio or laboratory fees are found in course descriptions where applicable.

Student Housing Fees

All housing fees listed below reflect per annum charges.  Room fees for students living on campus for one semester will be prorated.

Housing Deposit $200
Security Deposit (refundable at the end of the academic year, less any charge for damages) $200

Furness Hall

Private Bedroom $11,260
Shared Bedroom $10,540

Juniper Hall

Shared Bedroom $10,540

Pine Hall

Single Apartment $11,824
Private Bedroom $11,260
Shared Bedroom/Studio $10,540

Spruce Hall

Single Apartment $11,824
Shared Studio $10,540

Summer Housing (2018)

Summer MFA Housing Deposit $200
Summer Shared, 2 Bedroom Unit, per week $308
Summer MFA Single, 1 Bedroom Unit, per week $322

Transcript Fee

Costs vary by service. 

Tuition Deposit

ESL Institute (ESLI) $300
Undergraduate Programs $300
Graduate Programs1 $450
Master of Fine Arts in Dance $500

1Does not apply to matriculants into MEd Educational Program Design and MEd Educational Technology.

Tuition Rates

All Terms

MM Music Education with Villanova University, per credit hour $675
MEd Educational Program Design, per credit hour $675
MEd Educational Technology, per credit hour $675

Fall & Spring Semesters (2018-2019)

Full-time Undergraduate Tuition, 12-18 credits per semester $22,390
Part-time Undergraduate Tuition, per credit hour $1,865
Full-time Graduate Tuition1, 9-18 credits per semester $22,390
Part-time Graduate Tuition1, per credit hour $2,182
MFA in Studio Art, per credit hour $1,405
Certificate in Devised Performance, per semester $7,250
ESL Institute (ESLI) $5,500

Summer Terms (2018)

Undergraduate Courses, per credit hour $1,251
Graduate Courses1, per credit hour $1,251
MFA in Dance, per credit hour $900
MFA in Studio Art, 12 credits $16,756
MFA in Studio Art, per credit hour $1,405
ESL Institute (ESLI) $3,500

Summer Terms (2019)

Rates to be displayed Spring 2019.

1excludes the following programs: MM Music Education, MEd Educational Program Design, MFA in Studio Art

Internships & Field Experience: MUED 495/496

A reduced rate is charged to students who register for an internship course either as a part time student or if an internship course registration results in a credit overload during a given term. The reduced rate only applies to the first 3.0 credits of internship coursework.

First 3.0 credits each term, per credit hour $129
Credits beyond the first 3.0, per credit hour standard per credit hour rates

Non-Matriculated Students

Undergraduate Courses, per credit hour $1,305
Graduate Courses, per credit hour $1,528