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2006-2007 University Catalogue 
2006-2007 University Catalogue [Archived Catalogue]

LALL 915 - Modern Poetry

This course consists of the reading and interpretation of major poets—Eliot, Stevens, Williams, Whitman, Bishop, for example, and some important contemporary poets such as Kinnell, Levertov, and Wright. Foreign poets in translation are also part of the course: Milosz, Pavese, Hikmet, Akhmatova, to name four. Prose by most of the poets concerning poetry is included as an important part of understanding and interpreting the readings. Several of the poets have written important criticism. Analysis of each poet’s style and why the poet has developed it from part of the course. Aesthetic theory and the function of poetry as a social force are also considered. Formerly HU 415A

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisite: LACR 102

Credits: 3 cr, 3 hrs